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Code Review: Fixing Unexpected State

During code review I came across a function that could produce broken state for a component. I wrote up an example Gist to show how it could create an unexpected state and a way to adopt the functional programing concept of “not mutating external state” to avoid this broken state.

Now you might think this would never happen to you because you wouldn’t catch the exception like my example and it would be an easy bug to find and fix, but remember Promises behave like Try/Catch.

What makes you a good Developer? Part 1.

Ya, coding conventions!

(for the OCD developer)

  1. Follow coding conventions in your projects. That way you write clear and concise code. The problem is there are many conventions. In reality “conventions” is really a code word for someones arbitrary opinion on how to write neat code. So…which one do you follow? It doesn’t really matter; just follow one. Adobe recently lays one out and I can agree with most of it.  It is not complete and just because it is by Adobe does not mean it is the end all be all.
    While reading the document, I couldn’t help but feel like I was being scolded by my parents. Take a look:

    Do this:

    public function set label(value:String):void

    Not this:

    public function set label(lab:String):void
  2. Stick to those conventions!  I have to admit it is hard but practice it all the time.  Remember this is not the fun part of Flash & Flex development and it never will be but make it a habit.
  3. Lastly, you will eventually run into someone who doesn’t agree with your conventions.  In that situation just think about my first point.

Now time for me to go back to my old code and see what mistakes I’ve made.