Cartoons made in Flash

My first job in Flash was animating a children cartoon series. I had always drawn pictures and such as a child but freshly graduated I had no experience in animation. At first it was very frustrating to get any cartoons done, but I finally had a break through and this job became such a wonderful experience for me. I started with nothing and at the end of my two years with Kid Chess I had made 75 cartoon episodes of edutainment to teach kids (K-5th) how to play chess.

I would have never guessed the popularity of theses cartoons in the schools. To me I was just messing around try to make the knight’s lips sync with the audio. Despite my novice everyone wanted more, and so a got some great help from Josh Latta a great cartoonist to help me out on the videos.

And the weapon of choice for animating the cartoons….none other than Flash. At the time I didn’t know better but there is better animation software out there. I finally wised up and bought Preimer Pro and After Effects about a year into the job, but none the less it was and still is a great tool to create simple animations.

Below are some samples of my work. Head on over to to see more.

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